Sunday, November 23, 2008

Time-Life Articles on Franklin Park Zoo

This is just a quick post. Google has partnered up with Life Magazine and there are over 10 million searchable pictures available! Of course, I had to check out the Franklin Park situation, because I don't have enough stress in last minute hunting and gathering! I found some great pictures and then some links to some interesting/disturbing articles in Time magazine...,9171,729168,00.html (It's about the murder of an ostrich, and though a location isn't noted, I don't know of another Franklin Park Zoo.),9171,816806,00.html (About the FPZ medical examiner and his heart operations on large mammals),9171,930964,00.html (Mini-obit for George Wright...I did not know he was a pro-baseball player!),9171,745252,00.html (Four "cronies" with Lithuanian last names broke into the Bear Cages and got mauled),9171,786008,00.html (The Kennedy's loved a good date by the monkey cages and the bear dens),9171,729280,00.html (Caged, the stupid eagle will soar no more)